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Victoria: This summer Soror Victoria Brown worked in the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley, As a part of Investment Banking, Victoria spent her summer learning about Natural Resource companies and building models to determine the value potential mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyout deals, and standalone companies. Victoria is studying Finance, Statistics, and Mathematics and is eager to apply her studies after graduation.


Maya: This summer, Soror Maya Campbell worked at Facebook in Product Data Operations division. As a part of Community Operations, Maya’s responsibilities this summer revolve around supporting users through direct interaction and scalable solutions as well as improving the health of Facebook products. Maya is studying Marketing and Operations Management and Behavioral Economics and has had the opportunity to explore these topics through internships in finance, consulting and tech.


Halle (Chapter President): This summer, Soror Halle Abraham worked as a management consulting analyst at Accenture, consulting for a leading global Asset Manager. She helped the client implement a service provider which utilizes cloud technology for collateral management processes. She also led an Inclusion & Diversity initiative, and presented her recommendations on Environmental, Social, and Governance data integration to Accenture's Capital Markets leadership. Halle studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with minors in International Development and Africana Studies. She plans to begin her career in consulting, and has accepted a full time offer at Accenture in the New York City office. She has a long-term goal of helping social enterprises gain access to capital, business frameworks, and legal assistance.


Tonna (Chaplin): This summer, Soror Tonna Obaze is completing her second internship as a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs within the Investment Management Division. Tonna is working in Americas' Client Business advising the largest corporations, institutions, hospitals, endowments and foundations on their strategic investments. Over the course of her time at Goldman Sachs, Tonna has also partnered with the Human Capital Management Division, leading conversations about increasing the effectiveness of diversity recruiting at Penn. Tonna currently studies Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Tonna is excited to begin her career in Finance and has accepted a full time offer to Goldman Sachs. She hopes to continue working towards her long-term goal of pursuing opportunities in social impact and corporate social responsibility.


Maryam: Soror Maryam Alausa is working on the second term of her 2-part research project at Penn Medicine. She is looking into how various interventions of Asthma in adult minority populations can lead to longer term cost savings for the healthcare system through reduced emergency room visits, electronic health portal use, and better patient-physician interactions. She is studying Health and Societies concentrating in Health Markets and Finance. Maryam is passionate about financing healthcare in the public sector and hopes to pursue a career in the field both in the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa after medical school.


Jazmyne (Vice President): Soror Jazmyne Smith spent the summer conducting research with Penn’s Undergraduate Research Mentorship program. Her project focused on Policy, Place, and Economic Inequality and aimed to investigate the ways in which state-level policies can help further our understanding of disparities in outcomes across place. Jazmyne is double majoring in Economics and Sociology. She is passionate about problem-solving and utilizing her analytical skills to study urban issues through a sociological lens.


Desirée (Custodian, Audit Chair): Soror Desirée Harding interned at The Boston Consulting Group on a digital marketing project for a top pharmaceutical company this past summer and will be returning full-time following graduation. At BCG, Desirée assisted in precision marketing implementation and scale-up work for a trigger-based marketing campaign. She also developed a scalable model and playbook for her client to use in future marketing endeavors. In school, Desirée is in the Life Sciences & Management dual-degree program, studying the Biological Basis of Behavior and Business Economics. She hopes to use her diverse academic background to drive positive impact in the healthcare industry.


Jillian (Sergeant at Arms): Soror Jillian Jones completed her second internship at Morgan Stanley this summer and will be returning full-time to the Structured Solutions Group within Global Capital Markets. There, she worked on securitization deals across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, housing, and media & entertainment. In school, Jillian studies Marketing & Operations Management and Finance with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. She hopes to further her career in finance, finding new business opportunities with a social impact focus.


Zee (Historian, Parliamentarian): This summer, Soror Zainab Yusuf worked in Data Qualities in the Corporate Finance sector of J. P. Morgan. When data quality issues arose, she followed through with the appropriate personnel to see that the issues were resolved. As a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major, she appreciated being able to combine the analytical and problem solving skills from her economics and finance classes with the critical thinking skills from her philosophy and politics related classes at her internship.


Ashley (Secretary): Ashley spent the summer interning with Penn Medicine’s EHR Transformation Team to increase patient access to Penn’s medical centers. She also collected, analyzed, and reported data to government entities to aid in healthcare legislation and improve access for low income patients. She is studying Sociology with a concentration in Structures of Opportunity and Inequality.